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Takanori Nishikawa (born 19 September 1970 in Yasu, Shiga Prefecture) is a Japanese singer and actor who performs as T.M. Revolution (Takanori Makes Revolution). More recently, he has become known for his other acts such as abingdon boys school. He is the first artist to be signed to Tofu Records in the United States. Under the name of Haine, Nishikawa joined visual kei band Luis-Mary in 1990 as the vocalist. The band broke up in 1993. In 1995, Nishikawa signed to the FunHouse label and released the single BLACK OR WHITE? Shortly afterward, the T.M. Revolution project was launched with Akio Inoue as composer and Daisuke Asakura as lyricist, and debuted with the single Dokusai -monopolize- in May 1996. That same year, HEART OF SWORD ~Yoake Mae~ was used as the third ending song for the anime series Rurouni Kenshin. Nishikawa also contributed five songs to the Mobile Suit Gundam SEED franchise and has guest starred as a minor character in each of the anime series that featured his songs. With the single HIGH PRESSURE, Nishikawa broke through the top ten. T.M.R.'s third album triple joker became his first number one album. More successful releases followed until in 1999, Nishikawa announced that T.M.Revolution had finished and along with Daisuke Asakura, he formed T.M.R.evolution turbo type D (TMR-e). TMR-e released the singles Kageroh and Gekkoh in addition to one album, Suite Season in February 2000. A few months later, Nishikawa reverted to T.M. Revolution.

BLACK OR WHITE? version 3 was released at that time and used as a theme on Nippon Television. Further releases followed although Nishikawa’s output diminished over the next two years.

T.M.R.'s sixth studio album, Coordinate was released in 2003 and reached number nine in the charts. That year, Nishikawa made his North American live debut at Otakon, a large anime convention. He also performed at Pacific Media Expo in 2004.

The 2005 album, Vertical Infinity heralded a change in sound as half the album was arranged by Daisuke Asakura while Nishikawa arranged or co-arranged the rest. That same year, Nishikawa began hosting the music show POP JAM with the comedy UN JASH.

Nishikawa also hosted a radio show called Takanori Nishikawa's All Night Nippon for eight years until September 2005. Nishikawa started abingdon boys school in 2005, named after the all boys school in England which the members of the band Radiohead attended, with members of T.M.R.'s backup band. They released LOVE FOR NANA ~Only 1 Tribute~ and recorded a cover of Dress for a BUCK-TICK tribute album. Their official debut was with INNOCENT SORROW, the first opening theme of the D.Gray-man anime. He has also become involved in the fashion industry with DEFROCK, his own clothing line, run by his company DIESEL Corporation, which is responsible for artist management and promotion.

In 2007, Nishikawa made his second appearance on stage in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, in 1999 also stared in a Japanese production of Little Shop of Horrors.



  • Dokusai -monopolize- (1996)
  • Venus (1996)
  • Heart of Sword ~Yoake Mae~ (Before the Dawn) (1996)
  • LEVEL 4 (1997)
  • HIGH PRESSURE (1997)
  • WHITE BREATH (1997)
  • Aoi Hekireki (Blue Thunder) (1998)
  • HOT LIMIT (1998)
  • THUNDERBIRD (1998)
  • Burnin' Xmas (1998)
  • WILD RUSH (1999)
  • KAGEROH (1999)
  • GEKKOH (1999)
  • winter dusk (1999)
  • BLACK OR WHITE? version 3 (2000)
  • HEAT CAPACITY (2000)
  • Madan ~Der Freischutz~ (Magic Bullets ~The Free Protection~) (2000)
  • BOARDING (2001)
  • Out Of Orbit ~Triple ZERO~ (2002)
  • INVOKE (2002)
  • Albireo (Beta Cygni) (2004)
  • Web of Night (2004)
  • ignited (2004)
  • vestige (2005)


  • Ishin Level 3 (1997)
  • triple joker (1998)
  • the force (1999)
  • Suite Season (2000)
  • DISCORdanza Try My Remix~Single Collections (2000)
  • progress (2000)
  • BEST (2002)
  • coordinate (2003)
  • vertical infinity (2005)
  • UNDER:COVER (2006)
  • 1000000000000 (2006)

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