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The Shibuya Womb is a town club and live music hall located in Shibuya, Tokyo. It opened in on April 8th in the year 2000, and has a complete digital sound system and laser system. It was named UK’s Club Music Magazine’s 2nd best “killer club” on its annual “World’s top 10 killer clubs” list.

Some of the world’s most famous DJs have played at the Shibuya Womb, including Technasia, Miko, Takkyu Ishino and Nathan Fake. The club is most popular with its techno music, which is why they come equipped with the most up to date in laser light technology.



Address (English):

  • Japan Maruyama-cho 2-16
  • Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0044

Address (Japanese):

  • 〒150-0044 東京都渋谷区円山町2-16


  • 03-5459-0039


To get to the Shibuya Womb, take the JR Shibuya Tokyu, get off at Tokyo Metro station. Take the Keio and it is a 5 minute walk from the Shinsen Station.

Or, at the Hachiko end of Shibuya Station, you can take a left at the Starbucks and walk towards the 109. Take the Bunkamura-Dori side of the street (the right side) and walk towards Bunkamura. Continue down the street and take the 2nd street to the left with the Shibuya City Hotel on the corner. If you go up the hill, you will see Club Asia on the right and the Womb on the left.


The first floor is the DJ lounge and the bar entrance. Here is the area that you would dock your coat if necessary. The 2nd floor is the main dance floor. It can fit approximately 600 people standing. The 3rd floor is the full bar, and the 4th floor is the VIP only area. The entire facility is designed to be modern and futuristic, with bright, flashing lights to go along with the techno music. It has a 5 way speaker sound system, a mirror ball, and 10 meters of open space at the top.

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