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Sasebo is a city found in the Nagasaki Prefecture. A census performed in 2006 represented a population of approximately 258,324.

Sasebo is most popular for its US Navy Fleet Activities that is primarily stationed on the port. Since late 1945 the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Fore has shared the port with the US; a relationship that has been highly valued by both parties.

Over the last 10 years Sasebo has become a very popular tourist destination. The mayor has worked hard to create a relaxing atmosphere that residents and visitors can truly enjoy.

History of Sasebo

In 1883 Sasebo was deemed the official home of the Imperial Japanese Navy. Lieutenant Commander Heihachiro Togo made this decision based on the cities area for a sufficient port and the great location.

In 1889, the Sasebo Port was constructed. The primary plan for the port was to develop and build ships although it has evolved over the years and has also been used for distribution.

In 1949-1950 Sasebo Port was the main location for military activities developed for the Korean War. The port served as a high security center for troops to retreat and weapons to be distributed.

The relationship still continues between US and Japanese Navy officials. Many people feel that the combination will last forever based on the incredible determination to work together through good times and bad.

Points of Interest

  • Kenji Jojima Baseball Memorial Hall The Kenji Jojima Baseball Museum was created to honor the first Japanese catcher to make it to the hall of fame. Many baseball fans, whether supporting the star catcher or baseball in general, have visited the museum to view great facts in baseball history;
  • Huis Ten Bosch Any tourist traveling through Sasebo must visit the Huis Ten Bosch, an incredible resort offering a great deal of amenities. The beautiful location is right off the water, and features a spectacular look at very green gardens.

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