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Omuta is a city in Japan located in the Fukuoka Prefecture. A census performed in March of 2006 show the cities population to be about 133,802. The perfect location, along the Ariake Sea, makes for a beautiful green city and plenty of great views.

Omuta began its earliest days a city developed around a thriving coal mine referred to as the Miike Mine. This coal mine was the leading industry of the city until being shutdown in 1997. Since then Omuta has worked hard to develop a greater plan of pursing a profitable city. Today there are many industries working there way up such as manufacturing and product distribution.

Omuta also has a port on the Ariake Sea which was once used to haul coal around the area. Now the port is used to transport fish, produce, and other common goods which are all developed in Omuta.

History of Omuta

In 1908 the Miike Port was finally developed and opened to transport valuable coal throughout the area and abroad. A special feature that was unique to this cities port is its ability to be locked, something that actually saved the city a tremendous amount of money and reduced the many security worries.

The city of Omuta was officially established March 1st of 1917. It did not take long for the economy to draw in a large crowd boosting the cities population all the way up to the third largest in Japan.

During the 1960’s Omuta switched to petroleum fueling methods leaving the coal mine with very little business. The coal mine struggled until finally closing down in 1997 because of funding issues. This is thought to have been a sad sight for many as the city was originally founded on its ability to produce a great amount of coal through many times of great need.

Points of Interest

  • Omuta Zoo Home to over 1,000 animals and 100 various species, the Omuta Zoo is a perfect place to visit when seeking entertainment for the entire family. This zoo has been
  • Omuta History Museum The Omuta History Museum is also the home of the Miike Playing Card Museum exhibit which draws in a very large amount of tourists. This is the special place that developed the Karuta Playing Cards, a beautifully designed set of playing cards that took Japan and the rest of the world by storm.

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