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Nozomi Ishiguro is a Japanese fashion designer. Ishiguro’s work has long been a hybrid of multiple different types of style, ranging from gothic and Lolita roots to a more modern, contemporary cross of Japanese and European design styles. The clothing in Ishiguro’s lines can sometimes be beyond the realm of what most people could wear and other times are downright avant-garde.


Nozomi Ishiguro started his career with Comme des Garcons and spent 12 years developing design experience and working in a top capacity as lead designer on three separate lines for the label. In 1998, Ishiguro was given his own line of clothing and in 2002 launched the men’s collection. The Nozomi Ishiguro Gold line launched in 2005. The brand has been successful to a small degree but has not received as much press or international coverage as needed to become a breakout success. His style can best be highlighted by his 2005 show on the Meguro River under the cherry trees where a concert and dance show was used to illustrate his new collection.

Clothing Brand

The Nozomi Ishiguro collections range in style wildly, using a contemporary approach to the edge of the fashion scene. The label produces men’s and women’s tops and bottoms as well as shoes, bags, caps and hats, and a number of different accessories. One of the signature details of many of Ishiguro’s designs is their use of multiple layers and overlapping tufts of fabric. Blouses and t-shirts that would normally end at the waist will continue flowing downward in alternating layers, complimenting the often times rather plain bottoms. Some additions to his collections can be rather avant-garde as well, including his slacks covered in more than 150 feet of cargo straps.

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