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Macross Plus (Makurosu Purasu) is an animated movie that began as four OVA’s (original video animations). The four OVA’s were later edited and put into one movie with twenty minutes of extra footage added. At the time it was created, it was the most expensive anime that had ever been made. It used both cel animation and computer animation which, at the time it was created, was not done in Japanese animation. The movie was released in 2004 and is still seen as a great anime for action and entertainment.


In the world of Macoss Plus, there has been a huge war between the humans and a lead of aliens known as the Zentraedi. The Zentraedi are a race of giants that are tightly controlled by a civilization known as the Protoculture. The humans are still fighting, though, and they send two of their best pilots, Guld Goa Bowman and Isamu Alva Dyson to test a new prototype aircraft known as the YF-19.

Unfortunately, Guld and Isamu have a history together. Guld and Isamu grew up together, the best of friends. They also had a third friend named Myun Fang Lone. Guld was in love with Myun and Myun was in love with Isamu. At one pint, Guld walked in on Myun and Isamu having a private moment together and he immediately exploded, attacking both Myun and Isamu. Right after the battle, Myung left their home town, as she felt guilty for the two friends falling out.

During the trials, Myung shows up, and things really start to get intense. It turns out that Myung is in town because she is the producer of a singing hologram called Sharon Apple. Sharon is an artificially intelligent hologram that has become a pop phenomenon. But while Sharon has a beautiful voice, she can not portray emotions in her songs. Myung is the one that gives emotions to the songs, making them the hits of the pop charts.

Sharon’s creator, Marge Guelda, is obsessed with making Sharon truly alive. He decides to implant an experimental chip into Sharon. When Sharon wakes up, she has the feelings and memories of Myung. She remembers the love triangle between Myung, Isamu and Guld and decides that she will prove to Isamu and Guld that it is really Sharon that loves them, and no other. She stages situations that get Myung into trouble, forcing Isamu and Guld to rescue her. She then gets power hungry and hacks into the city’s data-base, eventually taking control of an experimental airplane known as the X-9 Ghost. She captures Myung and puts her into real danger in the X-9. Guld and Isamu come together, each flying the experimental planes that they were sent to test, to go against Sharon’s manipulative and dangerous plans. Isamu gets hypnotized by Sharon’s song and winds up in a death plunge, but Myung’s singing is able to pull him out of the plunge before he dies. In the end, Guld, Isamu and Myung find themselves in a deep, dark situation which none of them planned for.

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