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Fushigi Yūgi is a Japanese animated series, better known by the term anime, that started as a manga and went on to become a popular anime series. The title is literally translated into Mystery Game and was created by Yuu Watase, a manga writer that has had some success in creating interesting and fun to read stories.


Fushigi Yūgi is a story about two teenaged girls: Miaka Yūki and Yui Hongo. The two girls are in a library when they find a book called “The Universe of the Four Gods”. They begin to study the book and are both sucked into it, and into feudal Japan. Yui fairly quick goes back to modern-day Japan, but returns to feudal Japan as she continues to read the book in order to help her friend, Miaka. Both Miaka and Yui go through numerous adventures, and they both have help along the way.


  • Miaka Yūki – Miaka spends hours studying to get into Junon High School in order to be with her best friend, Yui, but she is not as intelligent as Yui, even though she spends hours trying to be so. When she is pulled into the book, she is believed to be the Piestess of Suzaku, a legendary girl from another world whose main purpose for living is to gather the Celestial Warriors to summon the god, Suzaku. When she does so she will be able to have three wishes granted.
  • Yui Hongo – Yui is Miaka’s best friend until she gets pulled into the book. She is separated from Miaka and is captured. When she wakes up, she believes that she has been raped and tries, unsuccessfully, to commit suicide in her shame. As she heals, she turns against her best friend and swears to stop Miaka from completing her quest.
  • Tamahome – Tamahome rescues Miaka in feudal Japan and says that he is only out for money. It is discovered that he is one of the Celestial Warriors that Miaka must gather and so travels with her on her quest. Tamahome and Miaka end up falling in love, and Yui swears to pull Tamahome away from Miaka as a form of revenge against her.
  • Hotohori– Hotohori is the fourth Emperor of Konan and is also one of the Celestial Warriors. He knew about his destiny from birth and always believed that it was his destiny to marry the sacred girl. He falls for Miaka when he first meets her, and he and Tamahome go a few rounds. He eventually recognizes that Miaka only cares for Tamahome, and he acts the gentleman and steps aside.

Fushigi Yūgi lasted through 52 animated episodes, as well as having two specials and 13 OVA’s (original video animation). After the success of Fushigi Yūgi, novels were written to explain the back story behind all of the Celestial Warriors. Eight novels were written in all, and the novels became a very popular addition to those fans of Fushigi Yūgi.

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