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Fukuoka Prefecture (福岡県) is a Japanese prefecture located on Kyushu Island. The capital of Fukuoka Prefecture is the city of Fukuoka.



Before being consolidated during the Meiji Restoration, the land that makes up Fukuoka Prefecture consisted of the provinces of Chikugo, Chikuzen, and Buzen.


The region of Fukuoka Prefecture is bordered on three sides by the sea, with the prefectures of Saga Prefecture, Oita Prefecture, and Kumamoto Prefecture bordering its fourth side. Across the Kanmon Straits, Fukuoka faces Yamaguchi Prefecture. In addition the large cities and population centers on Kyushu, Fukuoka Prefecture consists of multiple islands along the north coast.


Cities located within Fukuoka Prefecture include:

Districts and Towns

Additionally, districts and towns included within Fukuoka Prefecture include:

Sources of Income

Most of the income earned in Fukuoka Prefecture is derived from industrial sources with nearly 40% of the economy in Kyushu deriving from Fukuoka. These industries include semiconductors, steel, and automotive parts.

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