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Doraemon is a Japanese animated television series, also known as an anime series. Like many popular Japanese anime series, Doraemon began as a manga that was created by Fujiko Fujio. The anime became extremely popular and tons of different products were sold based around the anime, such as lunch boxes, pens and key chains. In 1969 it was first published and became a hit shortly after. In 1973 the manga was turned into an animated series but was not well received. The publishers tried again in 1979 and managed to find the right balance to make it a hit. It lasted an extremely long time for an anime, up until 2005. At the end of the series it had an astonishing 1,049 episodes!


Doraemon is about a robotic cat that is originally from the 22nd Century. He is sent back in time to help a fourth grader named Nobi Nobita. Nobita is a lazy, constantly late only child who always seems to be in trouble. He is late for everything, fails every class and manages to drive many of the other characters crazy. It is Nobita’s great-great grandson, Sewashi, that has sent Doraemon back in time. Doraemon explains that because of Nobita’s laziness and failures, the entire family ends up having a terrible future. They are poor and can not seem to get ahead. So Sewashi decides that having Doraemon can only help Nobita, which will help the entire family have a better future.

Doraemon is able to pull things out of the future by use of a fourth-dimensional pocket. In a typical day, something bad will happen to Nobita. He will come home to Doraemon and explain the situation. Doraemon will then pull something out of the future to help Nobita, like a tool or a toy. These are meant to be so that Nobita can fix his problems, but all too often they end up causing more problems. Nobita usually finds himself deeper into trouble and it is Doraemon that has to teach him a lesson.


  • Doraemon – A futuristic robotic cat that is sent back into the past to help a boy in order to change the future.
  • Nobi Nobita – The fourth grade boy that Doraemon has to help. Nobita is lazy and his failures lead his future family into ruin.
  • Minamoto Shisuka – A fourth grader that Nobita cares for. It is revealed that she end up as Nobita’s wife. She is very sweet but sometimes does not care to hang out with Nobita and comes up with all kinds of excuses.
  • Goda Takeshi – Takeshi is actually called Gian in the series. He is a huge boy who bullies Nobita on a regular basis. He possesses a kind heart, though, and manages to help Nobita whenever he is truly in trouble.
  • Honekawa Suneo – Suneo is a rich boy that likes to show off. Suneo can’t stand Gian but he helps him to bully Nobita. It is often something that he starts that ends up causing a huge disaster that Doraemon needs to fix.
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