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Cowboy Bebop: The Movie (Kaubōi Bibappu: Tengoku no Tobira) was released in 2001 due to the extreme popularity of the anime series of the same name. Cowboy Bebop, the series, started in 1998 and was brought to the US where it exploded in popularity. The anime series is still being played on Cartoon Network’s popular series, Adult Swim.


The movie takes place shortly before the end of the series. In the beginning of the movie, Faye Valentine is chasing after a tanker that contains a hacker that they are after. The tanker explodes, and the team soon learns that it was a type of biological terrorist attack. Within a few days, hundreds of thousands of people start to die, and since Faye was the only one to see the actual crash occur, she is the only one who has any idea who was responsible. The government wants the perpetrator and issues a huge bounty, and the Bebop crew decides that they want to be the one to find them. They eventually discover that it was a man named Vincent Volaju that was responsible for the crash. He was trying to get revenge on the government. The crew of Bebop have to scramble in order to stop Vincent and locate an anti-virus before everyone is dead.


  • Spike Spiegal – Spike is the head of the Bebop gang. He is a bounty hunter for hire who is an excellent martial artist. Little is known about Spike’s past, but it can be assumed that someone hurt him deeply, as he doesn’t allow himself to love.
  • Faye Valentine – Faye is a member of the Bebop crew and is also a bounty hunter. She is very quick to anger and Spike and the crew have had to save her more than once because of her temper tantrums.
  • Jet Black – Jet is the Captain of Bebop. He is one of the older members of the crew, and is therefore looked up upon quite frequently. He is a hard man who has a deep past but puts his entire trust into the other members of the Bebop gang.
  • Ed – Ed is the youngest of the crew. She is an excellent hacker that is capable of doing things that make the other’s heads spin, even though they won’t give her the satisfaction of telling her so.
  • Ein – Ein is actually Ed’s robotic dog. He looks like a Corgi, but unlike a Corgi he does not just fetch. Ein has been known to help Ed with many sticky computer situations.
  • Vincent Volaju – Vincent is the villain in the Cowboy Bebop movie. He was used as a test subject by the government and decides to take his anger out on them in the form of revenge.
  • Electra Ovilo – Electra is a young woman with whom Vincent is in love. She is the only one that he seems to care for, and as such, he actually put the vaccine to the bioweapon inside of her.
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