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Ayako Rokkaku (ロッカクアヤコ) is a young Japanese artist born on January 24th, 1982 in Chiba. Despite her youth, Ayako is gaining a great deal of popularity already in Japan for her use of her hands to paint directly on campus.

Ayako made her mark at the Art Basel in Switzerland in 2006.

Artistic Style

Ayako does not use a brush. She puts the campus up and paints on it using only her fingers and hands. This makes the artwork appear far more contemporary and often free of most intricate details. Ayako most often draws little girls, usually with shy faces. They are rarely smiling or frowning, instead their mouths are often straight lines. The backgrounds of the paintings differ, but often they have bright colors and are usually more abstract, in no particular setting.

To draw with her hands, Ayako dips her fingers inside of a jar with the paint much like one does with a brush.

Awards and Exhibitions

Ayako has already received numerous awards, especially at Geisai, where she has won several different awards including both the Geisai Scout #4 and #10 awards, and the Akio Gotou Award Geisai #9.

She has already had 3 solo exhibitions and had a part in 10 more (including all of the Geisai events).

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