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Wonderwall is a design company in Japan. It was founded by Masamichi Katayama, and is best known for designed “BAPE” (A Bathing Ape) workshops in Japan, Europe, New York and Hong Kong.


Katayama started designed in 1990 after finishing his education. His first company was called H. Design Associates that he founded with fellow designer Tsutomu Kurokawa in 1992. 8 years later he split off into his own business and launched Wonderwall in the year 2000. Although he primarily designs the interiors of various shops (especially BAPE), he also dabbles in other design excursions, including furniture.

Masamichi’s work is known for its appeal to youth. His contemporary styles are bright, which is why BAPE hires him on a regular basis. Wonderwall considers all aspects of a room before designing it, including the lighting and the shopping experience that the retailer is trying to portray.

In addition to his work with Wonderwall, Masamichi has created a compilation of his works that he sells in book form. It was published by Frame Publishers in the Netherlands as well as Birkhauser in Switzerland. Titled “Wonderwall Masamichi Katayama Projects” the compilation consists of many of his early work, mostly with BAPE as many of his other projects with other companies came after 2003. He was the first Japanese creator ever shown in Frame’s “Monograph.”

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