The Very Best Of Cigaretteman

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The Very Best Of Cigaretteman was supposed to be a CD compiling all of the songs ever released by the Japanese pop punk band Cigaretteman. The album was supposed to be released in early 2006 by the Japanese record label Buzztone Records, but the CD did not come out as scheduled. The current status of the The Very Best Of Cigaretteman CD is not known.

The record label release number was to be YXCA-1001 and the list price was to be 2100 yen according to the HMV website.

Song Listing

  1. Something Never Changed Your Mind
  2. 12 Hours
  3. Soak
  4. Sister
  5. The Girl Next Door
  6. Unsaid
  7. Fishing
  8. Stay
  9. Lies
  10. Sleeping Pills
  11. Throwing Defintion
  12. 100 Miles Away
  13. Fade Away
  14. When You Were Mine
  15. Subway
  16. Beautifully Messed
  17. Home
  18. United
  19. La La La

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