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Sweet Lolita is a sub genre of Gothic Lolita fashion trends in Japan. The style, which combines many heavily Rococo influences and shojo manga styles focuses on the childlike, fantastic features of Lolita design and fashion. Using the basic tenets of Lolita fashion and adding lighter colors and fantasy themes and imagery in the designs, Sweet Lolita is increasingly popular among teenage girls.


Sweet Lolita Style

The core of the Sweet Lolita style involves a natural look with an emphasis on the childlike nature of Lolita fashion as a whole. This means a lot of pastels, light pink, and natural colors used in the makeup scheme and clothing designs. Additionally, outfits will include things like gingham, colorful prints, lace, ribbons, and bows that emphasize cuteness above all other design elements. Often taking themes and references from Alice and Wonderland as well as imagery of cake and fruits, the design plays to a younger mentality.

Shoes will also usually have a much shorter heal than most other Lolita styles because of that childlike nature, and jewelry is heavily influenced by fantasy themes, using cherries, hearts, cakes, ribbons, and bows for accessorization. Purses and bags are similarly catered to a younger mindset with stuffed animals and hearts for accessories.


Additional sub genres of Sweet Lolita include ShiroLoli which is focused on using only white as the base color and Country Lolita which utilizes gingham and straw baskets for a more North American western look.


Popular brands representing the Sweet Lolita genre include Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, made popular by films like Shimotsuma Monogatari, as well as Angelic Pretty and Manifesteange Metamorphose temps de fille.

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