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Somarta is a Japanese clothing brand started by Tamae Hirokawa. Hirokawa, who originally worked with Issey Miyake in the Miyake Design Studio in the 1990s debuted with Somarta over the course of two years in 2006. The brand focuses on the use of lace, knit, and macramé among many other design methods that have been quite popular with the Japanese fashion magazines and press.



Tamae Hirokawa graduated from the Apparel Design and Technique program at Tokyo’s famous Bunka Fashion College. After completing college during 1998 she immediately started working for Issey Miyake Co., Ltd. She eventually took over as the lead of Issey Miyake's Men's line as well as his feature name brand line before splitting off in 2006 with her own label for the first time with Somarta.

Brand Style

The essence of Somarta is the use of full piece bodysuits as well as similarly styled clothing that introduces multiple different forms of design into similar products. Items from the Second Skin Series include the full piece body suits, a line of underwear, and a much more wearable line of clothing including things like pleated pants, capes, and trench coats for outer wear.

The first collection, released in 2006, by Hirokawa was inspired by the Burnett novel, Secret Garden and showed in its combination of flower screens and galaxy swirls on the clothing.

Recent Collections

Recent collections, including the 2008 Spring/Summer collection included more of the trademark bodysuits Hirokawa has become known for, along with extensive makeup use and multiple levels of detail in each piece. Layers of fabric and mixed forms all make up a great deal of the label’s products.

Additional details in the 2008 collection included metallic plating over the bodysuits, full-length embroidered dresses, and a pleating in both slacks and dresses.

Main Shop Location

  • 9-7-4D Akasaka, Minato-Ku,
  • Tokyo 107-6201
  • 03-5413-3708

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