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Shiseido Company, Ltd is an important Japanese cosmetics company and one of the oldest cosmetics producers in the world.


In [[1872], Shiseido Pharmacy was founded by Arinobu Fukuhara, the former head pharmacist to the Japanese Imperial Navy. Having spent some time in the United States and Europe, Arinobu became familiar with the growing trend of pharmacies in other parts of the world and added various offering and services to reflect what he had found, including a soda fountain, ice cream, and the eventually booming Shiseido Parlour restaurant chain.

The addition of the Shiseido cosmetic line was another major step for the company, introducing the first flesh tone and color correction face powders on the market. Before Shiseido, Japanese face powders were all white. Additionally, Shiseido offered a lightweight softening lotion under the name Eudermine, a brand still marketed and sold in Japan today.

The company began to expand in 1923, adding multiple new store fronts throughout Japan until a joint stock company was formed in 1927. Sales in Taiwan, Singapore, and Hong Kong started in and shortly after 1957. Sales in Hawaii started in 1962 and continued to grow when the American branch was officially opened in 1965. European sales were first undertaken in 1968 with expansion into Italy and the brand reached New Zealand in 1971. Today, there are more than 25,000 outlets for Shiseido cosmetics around the world, in addition to the placement of Shiseido brand products in most major department stores in Europe and North America.

Skincare Product Line

The current line of products offered by Shiseido includes:

  • Pureness
  • The Skincare
  • Benefiance
  • Bio-Performance
  • Suncare
  • White Lucent

Each line is complete with its own set of make-up removers, softeners, cleansers, and moisturizers. There are a wide variety of other products that may be specific to each line however. Additionally, a new line of products specifically developed for men has been released by Shiseido. Pureness was introduced in 1995 and targets younger consumers with oily skin types. Included in the line are weekly scrubs and anti-blemish gels. Common ingredients in these products include rosemary, peony root and palo azul.

The Skincare was introduced in 1997 as a line for all skin types of women in their 30s. It is a more hydrating line of cosmetics with multiple kinds of eye creams.

Benefiance was introduced in 1996 and is designed for drier and more mature skin types. Anti-wrinkle eye cream and a retinol face mask are two of the unique products in this line of cosmetics.

Bio-Performance was introduced in 1987 following the initial synthesis of hyaluronic acid, which Shiseido was able to first synthesize and thus patent. The purpose of this line is to provide more targeted products, including its brand of eye cream designed to prevent lines and circles around eyes. Additional, anti-aging products and Refining Essence are highly popular in this line.

Suncare is a line of sun protection products and cosmetics designed to provide SPF protection of up to 55 for UVA and UVB rays. These products have recently been endorsed by the American Cancer Society. The White Lucent line is designed to combat the effects of sun exposure by infusing various botanicals and vitamin esters to brighten skin tone. It is one of very few products that has managed to keep from being affected by recent US laws banning the sale of any skin bleaching agents.

Maquillage is a line of cosmetics produced by Shiseido that includes a wide array of make-up products such as eye-shadows, mascara, compact foundation, concealers, and blush.

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