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NICO Touches The Walls (ニコタッチズザウォールズ) is a Japanese rock band. NICO Touches The Walls was formed in 2004 and signed to Senya & Co. before moving up to Ki/oon Records in 2007.


NICO Touches The Walls History

In 2004 NICO won a prize at the Yamaha Teen Music Festival, gaining them immediate attention. They released several singles and mini albums and continued to gain popularity. In 2007 they were signed by Ki/oon Records, the same label that represents L’arc~en~Ciel, Polysics, and other popular JRock bands. In early 2008 the band released a new single called "夜の果て" and they have many live shows booked in Japan.

NICO Touches The Walls Band Members

  • Tatsuya Mitsumura (光村龍哉) - vocals, guitar
  • Furumura Daisuke (古村大介) - guitar
  • Sakakura Shingo (坂倉心悟) - bass
  • Tsushima Shotaro (対馬祥太郎) - drums

NICO Touches The Walls Discography


  • How are You - mini album (11/2007)
  • Runova X Handover - mini album (10/2006)
  • Wall Is Beginning - mini album (02/2006)


  • Long night - single (02/2008)
  • Primitive-disc: Eden - 2CD single (06/2007


  • NICO Touches The Walls Live - DVD (08/2006)

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