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Liz Lisa is a Japanese clothing brand and Gyaru fashion label. The clothing, designed and marketed for teenage and early 20s females is best known for its combination of modern street fashions with cute, simple designs that have long been popular with Gyaru fashion followers.



Liz Lisa was founded in the late 1990s as a brand to provide clothing that marketed toward the same Gyaru demographic that was so big in Tokyo but in a way that was not entirely youthful. The result was a real clothes brand that presents annually at the Tokyo Girls Collection, providing clothing that is both colorful and eccentric but realistic in its approach to fashion. The brand has since grown to include multiple boutiques in both Tokyo and Osaka and a thriving online store.

Clothing Style

The style behind much of Liz Lisa’s clothing is simplicity and flow rather than color and extravagance. The 2008 collections feature 1960s inspired free fitting blouses with moccasin style leggings and shoes and eclectic but grounded headwear. Prints are taken from classic stages in cultural history around the globe and feature a soft palette of colors rather than a mish mash of bright, overbearing colors. For the most part, the clothing is thus marketed toward an older set of the Gyaru community, with early to mid twenty year old women being the target demographic.

Coats, sweaters, dresses, skirts, and shoes are all produced each season and are presented in simple fashions for everyday use. In addition, accessories such as handbags and leggings are produced as well and are very popular, low priced options for younger women in Tokyo.

Where to Buy

Liz Lisa currently has locations in 5 Japanese cities with stores located in major department stores such as Parco, Shibuya 109, and Roppongi Hills. Additionally, Liz Lisa clothing can be purchased through online sources such as

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