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The Tokyo Toy Show (東京おもちゃショー) is a Japan’s largest toy fair. Every year at the fair close to 40,000 toys are displayed by over 130 different Toy Manufacturers from both Japan and the rest of the World. An estimated 120,000 individuals attend the fair every year.

The event is held at the Tokyo Big Site in order to handle the large crowds.

Summary of the Tokyo Toy Show

The Tokyo Toy Show is the first chance for both buyers and every day individuals to see some of the newest and most innovative toys on the market. While there is no set theme for these events, often times there are tendencies for toys to have themes. For example, it is expected that in 2008 the toy theme will revolve around cooking, while older toys will have newer versions. There is also expected to be toys for adults, such as fitness machines.

All of the big name toy companies attend, including Sega, Konami, Bandai, Mattel and Lego. The event runs for 4 days. The first two days are solely for buyers to have a chance to look over the products. The next two days are open the general public, and thousands upon thousands of individuals come to see what these companies have to offer.


The first toy trade fair opened in 1962. It was sponsored by the Japan Toy Association, and was known as the “First International Trade Fair for Toys in Japan” but was renamed the “Tokyo Toy Fair” in 1977. In 2003 they decided to close the show to the public but in 2006 they reopened it to the general public.

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