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Fuji (富士) is a city located in Japan. It is within the Shizuoka Prefecture. The population as of 2003 was over 220,000 spread out of 215 square kilometers. The city is located on the Eastern size of the Shizuoka prefecture and is the home of several different industrial endeavors. Fuji is one of the biggest producers of paper in this area and in Japan.

What helps Fuji development, as well as its industrial center, is the incoming tourists that are interested in this area. Because of the famous inactive volcano called Mount Fuji this area attracts many visitors and tourist. There are guided tours of the volcano and the area craters surrounding. Because this volcano is one of the famous in the world this area tends to be a hot spot for visitors. Fuji is characterized by its beautiful green land, delicious strawberries and year round green houses.


The town was founded on November 1st, 1966. This city was founded as a town in 1966, but the history goes back much farther. Mt. Fuji causes springs to come up out of the ground. These springs are temperature kept throughout the year so they were perfect for early settlements. The plants and wildlife were sustained year round making it a perfect a place to live.

Fuji is located right next to the Mount Fuji Volcano. This volcano has erupted as many as 16 times since 781 AD. These eruptions were not very serious and there have never been in fatalities. The last eruption was in 1707-1708 which caused damage, but no fatalities.

Points of Interest

Fuji offers many places of interest for tourist inside and outside of Japan to enjoy. The biggest attraction is the 3500 meter stratovolcano Mount Fuji that is known as the most famous in the world. This inactive volcano has not had an eruption since 1707. This volcano has found its way on the 500 Yen Bill.

Mount Fuji Children's World offers an extensive playground right next to Mount Fuji. This park consists of five small areas featuring grass field, water, forest, mountain and ground. Children can ride on ponies in the Land of the Grass and ride a raft in the Land of Water. Roaming freely in the nature areas by children and adults is common. The children can play by themselves, use their imaginations or people known as playing leaders help the kids have a good time

The Marubi National Park is a designated area located in the forest extending to Jurigi Heights at Mount Fuji. The park includes camp grounds, a magnificent artificial lake, obstacles, a hiking path and many other fun areas. There are beautiful wild flowers that bloom throughout the year.

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