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Daizy Stripper (デイジーストリッパー) are a Japanese Visual Kei band formed in 2007 who have quickly grown in popularity within the VK scene.


Daizy Stripper Biography

Daizy Stripper is a Visual Kei band that formed in March of 2007. The band started performing under the name DaizyStripper on June 5th of that year. Their first live show as at Shibuya O-West in Tokyo and they quickly gained a following with Japanese VK fans based on their frequent and high energy live shows and concert tour dates. Their first single "Dandelion" climbed to number one on the Oricon indies chart in early 2008 and their popularity continued to increased after they made a highly praised performance at the Hide Memorial Summit on May 3, 2008. In August of 2008, the band will play a show for American fans at OTAKON 2008 in Baltimore USA.

Daizy Stripper Members

  • Yugiri - Vocals
  • Nao - Guitar
  • Mayu - Guitar
  • Rei - Bass
  • Kazami - Drums

Daizy Stripper Discography


  • First Daizy Stripper have not released an album yet, but rumors are that their new single is scheduled for October 2008 release.


  • Cross - 2 CD Set
    • CD 1
      • 1. 星空と君の手 (Hoshizora)
      • 2. Endorphin.
    • CD 2
      • 1. ジュリエットのナイフ (Juliet no Knife)
      • 2. Brilliant Days.
  • Dandelion - Single + DVD - 02/13/2008
    • Dandelion Song List
      • 1. Dandelion
      • 2. BlackDROPPer

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