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Club Citta (also known as La Cittadella – due to the building it is connected to) is a live music concert venue located in Kawasaki, Japan. When it began in 1988, it was known as a hole in the wall at the site of what would become the larger and more well known Club Citta in 2002.

It closed in 2000 for the remodeling (The last performances before the remodel were The Willard and D-Lax). When it reopened in 2002, it had a brand new recording studio and live music theater, as well as several more areas for events and activities.



Address (English):

  • Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki 210-0023, Japan Ogawa, Ibaraki 1-26

Address (Japanese):

  • 〒210-0023 川崎市川崎区小川町1-26


  • 044-244-7888


There are a variety of ways to get to Club Citta. The goal is to get to the JR Tokaido Line or the Keihin Tohoku line, get off at Nambu Line Kawasaki Station and walk about 5 minutes.

From the JR Yamanote Line at Shibuya Station you can go to the Shinagawa Station, Get on the JR Tokaido Line, the Keihin Tohoku line, the Keikyu Line and get off at Kawasaki Station.

From the JR Tokaido Line at the Keihin Tohoku Tokyo Station, go to the Kawasaki Station.

Once you get to Kawasaki Station, go out of the east exit, turn right and then take an immediate left. You should quickly see the complex where Club Citta is located.


Club Citta is handicap and wheelchair access friendly. It has no seats – the live music venue is all standing and can hold about 1300 people. It does have seats, and can fit about 601 people with seats. There is a recording studio, an editing studio, 10 backstage rooms, a Laundromat and two bars.

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