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PunkSpring (Punk Spring) is a Japanese Rock Festival. The event is organized by Creative Man and is run simultaneously with another concert event known “Spring Groove” which features more mainstream urban music such as western hip hop and R&B.

Punk Spring is a 3-day concert with the first two days held in Osaka (generally Friday and Saturday) and the third day held in Tokyo. The Tokyo day is where the most bands come to play. The Osaka days are held at a live hall known as Zepp Osaka. The Tokyo event is held at Makuhari Messe.


The PunkSpring concert began in 2006. Its goal was to bring international artists, especially American and British musicians to Japan for 3 days of live concerts featuring punk music bands that many Japanese kids listened to but may not have ever seen in person.


The artists change every year. When Punkspring began in 2006, the lineup already had some big name western stars including 311, MxPx, Zebrahead, Panic at the Disco, and many others. 2007 brought in NOFX, New Found Glory and Jimmy Eat World. Both 2006 and 2007 were only 2 day concerts, as the 2008 concert that took place in April was the first 3 day event. 2007 had seen a significant increase in the number of bands as well as the number of attendees, requiring that they extend the length of the Punkspring event. Punkspring 08 brought out Pennywise, Buzzcocks, Sid Langley, Bowling for Soup, Angels and Airwaves and From Autumn to Ashes. In only 3 years, Punkspring has been able to bring out some of the most popular and well known Western punk rock artists.

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